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Rocking along

2012-02-09 12:53:21 by scullcrusher

Well over half done my education and it is one hell of a ride. Learning lots and writing more music than i know what to do with these days. Im hoping ill be able to post some of my latest compositions soon, fair warning though these are nothing like my first songs i posted up here. Most of what i am writing now is along the lines of film scores :) Thats all for now keep an eye out for new uploads within the next couple weeks.


Finally :)

2011-08-25 14:28:03 by scullcrusher

Got my computer repaired an am up and running again, i should be uploading a new piece within the next few days thats more instrumental in nature than my other work. Now im off to learn some more as finals are only a few weeks away. See you guys around.


Audio School!

2011-07-28 23:42:59 by scullcrusher

Well havn't been on here in a while but figured i would update the people that know i exist lol. I got into school for audio production and composition and as such i should be posting more material as my classes progress. i will most likely post the projects i do for class that i am happy with. Until then keep your eyes peeled for something new, waiting for my laptop to get repaired so i can get back into my old work. till then im stuck with the schools resources. Anyways tille next time, thanks for reading :)



2011-04-22 18:52:23 by scullcrusher

Well started a youtube channel and figured i would let everyone know i will be posting my music there. I will continue posting music here but for the most up to date music stream it would be there you should look. I'm working on another song as we speak and will hopefully be finishing reconnection soon once i get more inspiration for it, I'm also getting back together with my buddy with whom i made toxic stab so keep an eye out for that. My goal is to have 3 completed songs uploaded before June, maybe more if i can keep this inspiration going.


Youtube link: BVRo

Happy holidays

2010-12-26 03:47:39 by scullcrusher

Well to start, merry christmas everyone and for anyone celebrating other holidays. happy holidays. hope everyone is having a great time and trying to end the new year off right. I surely am trying, house has been a bit crazy with christmas and such, we had over 40 people in my little house for christmas eve. As irrelevant as it is i thought id share :p anyways im hoping to have some time over the next few days to work on some techno and perhaps i might try and do some guitar recording and see where that goes. See you next time.


Demo now out

2010-12-10 22:22:32 by scullcrusher

Alrighty so my short little demo is out and everyone should go take a look and let me know what you think. its not even close to done but i want ideas and suggestions on how to make this an awesome track. let me have it newgrounds im ready for ya :p


Demo soon

2010-12-10 20:01:19 by scullcrusher

Well in keeping with trying to be more active on here im going to be uploading what i have of the song im working on here very soon, so far i have about a minute but im working on it tonight and before i go to bed i plan on uploading what i have. I would love for anyone to comment on it after i do and let me know what you think so far before im done while i still have motivation to change it lol. anyways keep an eye out and let me know what you think when its up. its called Reconnection, just so you know what to look for :p


2010-12-03 00:04:01 by scullcrusher

Well sorry its been ages since my last update guys been pretty busy with work and getting inspiration. hoping to have a new track out in the next month or two for everyone to enjoy. ill try and keep everyone updated on here and be far more regular with my posting.



2009-03-08 00:55:04 by scullcrusher

lately ive been trying to get a new track out so that i can actually understand what my style is more, but my main issue is ive hit a block. i cant seem to find a groove lately. it really sucks because normally i have to choose which groove i want to make into a song and now cant even get one going. hopefully ill break it soon and have a new track out for you guys soon.

My new name

2009-02-18 21:01:34 by scullcrusher

Well after long debate and alot of help, ive finally got a name to release my music under.

The Mothman